Letter from the Elders

COVID-19 and Kenova

COVID-19 or the Coronavirus has impacted all our lives not only in how we assemble as a body of Christ, but how we go to the store, where we can go, and who we can and cannot be near.  We know this has caused you pause and even uncertainty.  In all honesty we share those feelings with you.

We are anxious to once again assemble together, and we are just as anxious and anticipate starting to assemble again in the near future.  When that time comes we will continue to follow CDC and guidelines we are given by federal and state officials.  For a while, at least, our time together won’t be as it usually is and we hope you understand that measures we take will be to safeguard the lives of all, especially the congregations most vulnerable and at risk members.

As we anticipate the day when we can once again begin to be together the elders have put together this newsletter to explain some of the steps that we will be taking as well as to bring you up to date on things that have been going on since we have been apart.

 Getting Back together

 As the mandatory “stay home” orders begin to be lifted and many of the things we have wanted (and needed) to do become possible the Elders have been discussing what we will be doing as we start worshiping together once again.  While we don’t know when that time will be, yet, we can tell you some steps we will be taking to try and keep everyone safe and healthy.

As the governor of West Virginia and those assisting him provide further guidance all we can do is speculate that things will unfold in the same manner the quarantine process started.  With that we are considering the following:

  • No Sunday Morning Bible Study.  With the smaller spaces used for most of our classes we feel that it is important to mitigate any potential, not just for COVID-19 but, any virus from spreading in using these confined spaces.  Our Sunday morning will begin with worship at 11:00 AM.  In keeping with that same concern, we will also be suspending the worship hour classes for children 12 and under until further notice.
  • No evening services (at least in the initial days we are allowed to come together).  We will be having a Wednesday evening bible study in the auditorium practicing social distancing as best as possible.
  • No Vacation Bible School.  We anticipate many of the activities we will be allowed to resume will be impacted for the foreseeable future.  As a result, we are postponing our VBS in June, but hope we may be able to have our picnic.  Tommy and Chris are working on an alternative VBS as well as monitoring things to see if and when we can have our annual summer picnic.  As information is known we will be passing it on to each of you.

All activities will be done in consideration of State, Federal and CDC guidelines. 

Online Streaming

For the past several weeks now, we have been streaming our sermons and a Wednesday evening bible study on Facebook and YouTube.   A practice we plan to continue even after we begin to come back together and worship.

We have been encouraged by the number of people, not to mention where they are when they “tune-in.”  We have had people in Florida, North and South Carolina, Texas as well as many places in between join us online.

We have been able to connect with many who have been forced to relocate due to work and see as an opportunity to share the great things going on at Kenova.  We will need some volunteers to help keep this “new” ministry going and we hope you will consider being a part of it.  If you haven’t had an opportunity join us online for worship at:

  • http://bit.ly/kenovacc  (YouTube):  On YouTube be sure to “subscribe” to the channel to be notified when we go live.  We have had a few “hiccups” to say the least but this is totally new to all of us so be patient with us as we work things out.
  • http://www.facebook.com/kenovachurchofchrist (Facebook):  On Facebook you can search Kenova Church of Christ and click the “Online Sermons Page” once there be sure to like the sermons page and click the following button to choose to see notifications from that page first in your feed.

We hope you understand this is not done out of worry or fear, for we know with certainty that no amount of worry on our part will change anything (Matthew 6:25-27), but these decisions come with prayerful consideration and in keeping with our charge to “take care of the church” (1 Tim. 3:4).  We do not want to ever do anything that could jeopardize the health and safety of any of our number.

We welcome your thoughts and questions and covet your prayers not only on our behalf but for each and every family that call Kenova home.  Until we meet again, stay safe and do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any needs, questions, or concerns.

In Him,

The Elders