What to Expect

We want you to visit us at the Kenova church of Christ. And we want you to feel comfortable. But we know an unfamiliar place can be intimidating. So, let us tell you what you can expect when you honor us with a visit.

Let’s walk through our worship service…

You will enter what we refer to as the auditorium where there will be rows of pews for worshipers; there are no reserved seats, so feel free sit to anywhere you choose. You will be greeted by a host of people and one may ask you if you would like them to help you find a seat.

Our worship is simple. We will sing together. You will be familiar with most of the hymns and are invited to join with us in singing. Men in the congregation will lead prayers, there will be a sermon-“Christ centered and designed to teach and uplift all who are present.” You are urged to take notes and check the things said against what the bible teaches. There is never any attempt to teach anything profound or mysterious, just simple bible truths. At the close of the sermon there will be an “invitation” that is to encourage those who may wish to become a Christian to come forward during a song and make their desire known. In NO way will there be anyone going through the audience urging people to go forward. Neither the worship or sermon are designed to embarrass, rather to teach.

During the period of worship the “Lord’s Supper” (or communion) will be served to the congregation. The New Testament teaches that Christians (or members of the Lord’s church) are to do this each week. (Acts 20:7) You will not be expected to do so, feel free to pass the “plate” to the person beside you or to the one who is serving. A contribution will be taken, again the church is commanded to do so each week (I Corinthians 16:2), and again feel free to pass the plate to the person beside you, as a guest you are not expected to give. (Please do not feel embarrassed at passing the plate/container to your neighbor.)

What you will be expected to do…

“Nothing at all.” You are welcome to participate, but don’t feel obligated to do so. Just observe if that is your choice. We hope you will visit us soon. In addition to our worship service we have Bible classes for all ages: toddler to 100!!

*Plan of Salvation: (as found in the New Testament)*

  • Hear the word – Rom. 10:17; John 6:44-45
  • Have faith – Heb. 11:6; Acts 16:31
  • Repent – Acts 2:38; Acts 17:30
  • Confess Christ – Mt. 10:32; Rom 10:9-10
  • Be Baptized – Mk. 16:15-16; Acts 2:38

Now that you know us a little better we hope you will visit us soon. You will observe the way we believe the church worshiped together almost 2000 years ago. And again, YOU will be our most honored guest!